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I would start thinking about wine on my way to school pick-up at 4 PM.

Perhaps it was one of those days that I had sworn it off when I woke up, or maybe it was one of those days that I had already admitted defeat. Regardless, it was always on my walk to school that I started thinking about opening up that bottle.

The thought of it, even as we left the school gates made me feel like I had already relaxed; I had reached the end of the day. Then, finally, after an hour or so of supervising homework, I could wave the white surrender flag and pour the glass. It was the ultimate treat. It was the ultimate reward for being a mum. I felt that I deserved those glasses of wine for all of my hard work. I believed it was helping me get through the evenings.

I wanted that instant relief, that moment where it feels like your shoulders come out of your ears, and you can just… breathe.

Can you relate?

But then, one day, I realised the wine had started to take more than it was giving. I was always exhausted and suffered from brain fog and low-grade irritability. I was losing patience with my children more frequently, and I wasn’t meeting my health goals.

I decided to take a break from alcohol and see if I felt better without it.

That’s when everything changed.

I began to challenge my beliefs about alcohol. Was it really helping me ease stress? Did it make me more fun on a night out? Was it the key to romance and connection? Would I ever be able to go out and eat at a fancy restaurant again? Would it be possible to go on holiday without rosé?

And then something magical happened, I lost the desire to drink.

After years of sobriety and two-life coaching certifications, I now help women take a supported break from alcohol with bespoke 1:1 coaching.

My signature methodology is not based on willpower or sheer grit and determination – but using proven tactics that help untangle our subconscious beliefs about alcohol.

The result?

Not struggling with “should I… shouldn’t I???” but instead easily being able to say no to the wine because you know it’s not helping you and you feel so, so, much better without it.

My client, Chloe, recently wrote, “I’m currently 7.5 months sober and can’t quite believe it! Thank you for helping me put an end to the miserable trying to moderate, falling off the wagon cycle. I have so much more headspace for what matters now. Not to mention better sleep, more clarity and a sense of freedom. What a gift! I would never fail to leave a call with you without feeling lighter, more empowered and usually laughing! You’re a total star, and I am so grateful to have found you when I did. Thank you, Christy!”

Client Lauren said, ” I feel like I’m in touch with my true self for the first time in years. I am so much calmer and more content. I’ve been able to stop taking prescription medication for my anxiety because the change in my mood is so profound. I’m so much more present with my kids. The fact that I haven’t had “hangxiety” or a hangover in months is worth the cost of coaching alone. Sobriety has given me the time and energy to ask myself deep questions about what I want out of the rest of my life.”

Who Coaching Is For:

Any woman who thinks that alcohol may be holding them back.

Any woman who wants a safe space to discuss their struggle with alcohol but who may not feel like they identify as an alcoholic.

Any woman who feels alone when it comes to a struggle with alcohol.

Any woman who is sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Any woman who isn’t ready to say “forever” yet to sobriety but wants to take a test drive to see if all the benefits of living life alcohol-free are really true or not.

Any woman who feels like she’s drinking just as much as the women around her but knows in her heart that it’s time for something different.

Grace, compassion, and confidentiality are pillars of my coaching practice. If you’re struggling with wine, know you’re not alone. I’ve been there too, and I’d love to help.

I offer bespoke, high-touch coaching in both 1:1 and group settings.

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